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Emergency food packs, freeze-dried food bulk

Disasters occur every day all over the world, being prepared by having freeze-dried camping food and emergency food packs at the ready may be a deciding factor for you and your family surviving an evacuation event. It is a common occurrence to be deprived of electrical power and water during catastrophic events. A need for freeze-dried emergency food will exist. Take a look at our many offerings of emergency water pouches and emergency food kits, gain peace of mind by keeping one or more emergency food supply kits in an easy to access area. We have all top rated freeze dried food in bulk no cheap emergency food in stock at this outfit! Most utility outages last for a few hours, some last for a few days, then there are those that last for a month or longer. A supply of long-term storage food kits are available, we have in stock and ready for delivery kits for 1 week all the way up to enough food to sustain a person for one full year! Long-term power outages are more common than many of think, caused by wildfire, tornado, hurricanes, and floods we never know when we will become victims of an unpredictable catastrophic disaster. It is prudent for us each to estimate the chances of a disaster rendering us without the vital utilities that we depend on, prudence will dictate to prepare ourselves for that long-term outage by making sure we have enough food and water stored to guarantee our survival. We offer a full range of dehydrated foods, milk, fruit, vegetables, meat and full entrees are readily available for delivery free directly to your door from our warehouse. Take stock of your needs and order your life-saving emergency food today!
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Emergency food packs, freeze dried food bulk

Natural catastrophic events occur daily throughout the USA and the world, Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and other unimaginable situations. These events may present a condition that places you in a position of isolation, lack of water and safe food. During the events it is often impossible to gather necessities from your place of residence, making it imperative that we all keep emergency food kits in an easily accessible spot in our homes. When dealing with floods any food or implements that come in contact with the flood water is contaminated and should never be used or consumed, freeze-dried emergency food that comes in contact with the water as well must not be consumed. Emergency food packs provide safe, clean and satisfying sustenance. Gas and Electricity many times are off, water supplies are compromised and roads are often blocked, washed out or vehicles are of no use. Freeze dried food bulk is packed in air/water tight Mylar packages ensuring no contamination. A safe supply of water for drinking, cooking, and cleanliness must be established, many cheap emergency food kits are easily compromised, we only deal with first cabin supplies. Emergency food packs have one days supply of water in pouches plus freeze dried emergency food to supply your needs. Purchase this freeze dried food bulk and it can easily be used through the year and incorporated with your freeze-dried camping food, it is extremely versatile and uniquely adaptable. Purchase our emergency food kits and be ready for the unknown knowingly.

Food and water needed during an event:

People need a minimum of 1/2 gallon of water per day for drinking, (that is one 24 pack of one-pint water bottles per person per week) plus more for cooking and cleanliness. All flood water must be considered to be compromised and requires cleaning and boiling at a minimum before consuming or using to wash essential items. Food as well must be considered compromised especially in the event of electrical outages, floods, fires or collapse thus demanding a safe supply of freeze dried emergency food. We never want to purchase cheap emergency food due to its inferior packaging, be certain to purchase high-quality emergency food kits and freeze-dried camping food. It is very difficult to determine if food from a freezer or refrigerator is safe to eat or compromised by bacteria, purchase of our freeze-dried emergency food will ensure your supply is safe and clean. Emergency food packs and our emergency food kits eliminate the concern of tainted food and water. Freeze dried food is the best way to secure your safety, get prepared with the purchase our freeze dried emergency food today!

Food and water needs after an event:

The duration of an emergency is impossible to predict, Fema recommends a two-week supply of freeze dried emergency food be maintained. Getting to it may be a huge problem, home fire, earthquake, collapse, flood or power outage all have the potential of blocking your way back into your home to retrieve your emergency food kits. Many times there is a minute or less to get everyone to evacuate from the affected area. Emergency food packs and freeze-dried food are obtainable in our self reliant site for as long of a duration a person feels comfortable keeping on hand. Consideration must be made for special needs of your family, baby's need formula made from clean water, prepared formula in an emergency cannot be saved due to a lack of refrigeration. With an emergency food pack, all your needs are immediately obtainable. Keep your emergency food kits and food packs near by your evacuation exit and grab them as you leave. Look through emergencykitsplus.com for all of your freeze dried emergency food Evacuation and Catastrophic event needs.